weed Etiquette

We want you to be courteous of  your fellow neighbors.

Here are some simple rules to keep in mind with consuming marijuana in public:

  1. Know your surroundings - If people are consuming around you it is most likely a safe space for you too.

  2. Pay Attention to Children - Please try not to smoke around children. Rule One still applies though. Sometimes kids are brought into the wrong environment and it is up to the parents to recognize that.

  3. Keep it Locked Up - Don’t let your stash get in the hands of kids and animals.

  4. Dosing for Newbies

    1. Smoking - Take a hit and wait 15-minutes to see how it effects you. Each strain and concentration has a different effect. Make sure you know how it effects you before you consume too much.

    2. Eating - Eat a smaller portion and wait an hour to see the effect. The most common mistake is not waiting long enough and then eating too much.

  5. Smoker’s Etiquette

    1. Don’t Bogard the Joints/Bowls - Puff…Puff…Pass

    2. Don’t Steal the Lighter

    3. Don’t Cherry the Bowl | Don’t Burn all the Green - When lighting a bowl or bong, don’t light up all of the green you see. Take a fourth of the green and leave the rest for the others